Divisi pulp dan paper menyediakan produk dan jasa berkualitas tinggi kepada pabrik pembuat pulp (bubur kertas) dan paper (kertas). Produk bahan kimia khusus kami yang didukung oleh tim teknisi berpengalaman dan jaringan logistik yang luas membuat PT Dunia Kimia Jaya mampu memberikan dan menyediakan layanan yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan pelanggan kami.

Melalui riset dan seleksi yang dilakukan secara cermat, PT Dunia Kimia Jaya mampu menjadi andalan untuk menyelesaikan berbagai permasalahan praktis dan teknis yang muncul dalam kegiatan operasi pelanggan kami.

Produk-produk PT Dunia Kimia Jaya dalam lima proses pembuatan kertas :

  • Pembuatan pulp
    Produk kami dalam proses pembuatan pulp ini, adalah

    • DEKASTAB 50, is a polyol – carboxylate type of sequestering agent which shows highly chelating ability, especially in high alkali condition.
  • Pembuatan kertas
    Produk kami dalam proses pembuatan kertas, diantaranya;

    • DEKAWET NA-30, is a nonionic/anionic surfactants base which shows highly wetting performance for paper field application. It provides highly re-wetting and re-pulping efficiencies to re-pulping of various waste paper/paperboard in re-pulping processing, and it will contributes to increase the productivity, the production yield and the total cost reduction.
    • DEKABULK K-37, is a weak cationic softener based on natural fatty acid derivative, it provides good hand feel and highly bulkiness to all fibers such as synthetic and natural fiber.
    • SUNSCOUR SERIES, is a nonionic surfactant that shows excellence performance in scouring and penetration effects. It helps to reduces accumulation of organic based deposits on felts, Increase the felt life, Maintain good run ability of the machine.
    • SUNAMYLASE SERIES, is an enzymatic starch degrader composed with heat resistance -amylase, which is applied for starch degradation processing such as de-sizing processing in the textile application and as viscosity index improver in Paper coating application.
    • SUN RA SERIES, is a chemical used to prevent other materials from bonding to surfaces.
    • DK ATS, A wet strength additives to the starch glue used in the manufacturing of corrugated board. Fully acceptable for use in adhesive, and these adhesive can be used as components for use in packaging, transporting or holding food.
  • Pembuatan tissue
    Produk kami untuk pembuatan tissue, antara lain :

    • Softening Agents, SUNPINDO SERIES, SUNSOFTER WE, DEKASOFT SERIES are a surfactant (anionic, nonionic, or cationic based) of softening agent which imparts good softness and smoothness together with relatively high bulkiness on cellulosic fiber and its constructs.
  • Proses Penghilang Tinta (Deinking)
    Produk kami untuk mendukung proses penghilangan tinta antara lain :

    • DEKAINK SERIES, is a nonionic type for deinked paper production, especially pulping processing to assist the released ink. The product shows excellent properties especially in ink-release ability as well as ink-coagulating and foaming abilities to help the deinking process of old newspaper (ONP), old magazine (OMG), coating paper, paperboard colour and converting paper.
    • DKF-250¬†is, anionic type of foaming agent showing highly foaming performance in industrial water and also hard water, in the wide of pH ranges. And it shows good penetrating, emulsifying, dispersing, washing ability, therefore it is applicable as a base material for many applications in various industrial use.
  • Pelapisan Kertas (Coated)
    Produk kami dalam proses pelapisan kertas ini, antara lain :

    • DEKASPERSE SERIES, SUNSPERSE SERIES¬†is coating dispersants ensure complete separation of each pigment particle and ensure this condition is maintained consistently throughout the paper coating process. It enables a very high efficiency in the dispersal of inorganic pigments into an aqueous solution, while also lowering the viscosity of the pigment slurries.
    • DEKALINK G-45 (UREA-GLYOXAL BASED), DEKALINK Z-20 (AMMONIUM ZIRCONIUM BASED), DEKALINK Z-40K (POTASSIUM ZIRCONIUM BASED)Formaldehyde-free coating insolubilizer is ideal for application in all pigmented paper coating processes. It provides a maximum wet rub and wet pick resistance and improves the coated surface of paper and paperboard products, offering enhancements at every step of the printing process.

Produk Dunia Kimia Jaya lainnya yang dapat digunakan dalam industri Pulp dan Paper, diantaranya:

  • Solmix¬†merupakan salah satu bahan kimia yang digunakan untuk de-lignification dan memutihkan setelah proses de-inking pada limbah kertas. Melalui penelitian dan pengembangan yang terintegrasi, Solmix menjadi produk yang tidak menyebabkan terjadinya scaling.