Tambang Minyak

List of our Oil Production Chemicals:

  1. Demulsifier
  2. Reverse Demulsifier
  3. Corrosion Inhibitor
  4. Scale Inhibitor
  5. Biocide
  6. Oxygen Scavenger
  7. Drag Reducer
  8. Pour Point Depressant

List of our products:

    1. Hand cleaner Waterless hand cleaner with superior cleaning ability, contains scrub, and designed with pH balance.
    1. Water base cleaner Water base industrial degreaser with superior ability in quick cleaning heavy duty grease, quick oil-water separation and skin + environment friendly.
    1. Solvent base cleaner General solvent cleaning agent in industrial workshop, automotive, heavy vehicle workshop, and marine equipments. It removes dirty grease, lube oil and also give rust protection.

List of our products:

  1. Flocculant
  2. Antiscalant
  3. Defoamer