• Sodium pyrosulfite, SMBS
    Sodium pyrosulfate is used for manufacturing Indigo Vats Dyes. Consistent with the best quality always provided by Dunia Kimia Jaya, our products deliver stable, odorless, and more efficient performance. Sodium pyrosulfate is also one of our highly certified halal products.
  • SMBS
    In the electroplating industry, SMBS can be used to detoxify chromic acid. With stable and odorless performance, SMBS is the right product for more efficient use. Our products have also been certified Halal.
  • Gold Parawax/ White Parawax
    In coating industry, gold parawax/ white parawax can be used for coating corrugated carton box with wide variety of melting point (45o to 95oC).Addhesive (masih bagian dari industri coating dan elektroplating)
  • Whimol
    Whimol or white mineral oil/ paraffinic oil for adhesive industry passed BP, USP, and Europe Pharmacopoeia for polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon. Whimol can be applied for Hotmelt dan PSA.