PT Dunia Kimia Jaya innovates to create special chemicals products that function as Anti Thermal Shock on glassware production process and ceramic fritz. The use of special chemicals can act as anchoring for thermal expansion and flux controlling agent, so glass and ceramic fritz are not easily cracked or broken. In addition, the addition of these specialty chemicals can help the process of glazing on the formation of glass and ceramic surfaces. We are doing this to achieve our vision to be a reliable, innovative and dedicated partner for you.

  • ATS, DK-ATS, dan ATS BA
  • Wood Preservation (still part of the glass and ceramics industry):
    Wood is a natural product that is very easily decayed and eaten by termites. The addition of special chemicals with the right composition can withstand the weathering rate on wood, resist growth cycles, and reproduction of termites as well as some other types of insects. Together with the integrated management team and technician team, PT Dunia Kimia Jaya is present as a reliable partner to solve the problem.